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In India, Indian railway is one of the cheapest public transport. It provides facilities for general as well as for high-class people i.e general class to 1 tier AC. For long route journey, passengers do reservation as per their convenient i.e seating coach, sleeper coach, AC and Non-AC.

What is PNR Status??

When the passengers book the railway ticket, all their details are stored in the computerized centralised system of Indian railway. These information/details are stored in the form of unique ten digit number generally called as PNR number i.e "Passengers Name Record", written on the reservation ticket.

How does PNR number include??

Passengers details like Name, Age, Gender. It also shows ticket detail i.e boarding date, boarding station, train number, class/coach, seat number, destination and transaction ID.

It also has another column which shows the booking status and current status of the ticket. As we all know that train has a limited number of seats and sometimes( i.e During vacation time/festival time) one may not get the confirm seat so during that time reservation ticket shows waitlist (W/L) and if someone cancels their seat, waitlist gets confirmed on cancel seat. So current booking/reservation status is called as PNR status.

The first three digit of PNR shows the details about from where the passengers have booked the ticket. The starting number depends on the zone of train i.e starting station of the train and last seven digits are random numbers generated through rand() function it represents only Unique identification number for individuals who booked the ticket.

Where to find PNR Status on the ticket??

In case of the ticket are booked from railway station than PNR Status is printed on the top left side corner of the reservation ticket. In case of the ticket are booked from online IRCTC  website then PNR status will be printed on the separate box/cell.

How to check PNR status??

PNR status can be checked through a different methods. Some of simple and easiest way is as per below:

  • First easiest way to enquiry PNR status is through the website.

  • Railway ticket booking through

  • Railway enquiry through

  • Indian railway mobile application.

  • PNR status can also be check through SMS services

  • Send SMS PNR to 139

  • Another best method is to check the status by inquiring at the railway station.

  • Lastly, you can check in the reservation chart.

Till when PNR number is valid??

The PNR number is not valid once the passengers reach their destination after it will become invalid because of the security purposes of passengers. However, PNR number is validated till the nine months, because TDR filed maximum to nine months after it will be removed from the central database system.

Importance of PNR status??

The PNR status tell you about ticket confirmation before the journey date and time. In case if you are on the waitlist so it will tell you about confirm a seat or not, it also helps you to know if there is any problem or cancellation of your reservation. In the case when you check PNR status it will show the current status of reservation.