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Indian Railway Live Train Running Status


The digitalization is continuously progressing towards growth of India. Now you can check everything online from grocery to reservation on transport vehicles i.e bus ticket, aeroplane ticket, train ticket, etc. Just from your place even without moving from your house. Now you are even able to check the online running status of train, bus, etc..

The online process of checking train running status has now become easy, simple and time effective for passengers. The passengers/travellers can directly check the train running status through Erail website, they can check precisely and that too free of cost. The Erail has given facilities to all the Indian railway passengers to check the current running status of their respective train.


The Indian railway has know started the new feature on their website namely "Live Train Status". The live train running status means the exact location of a particular train on current time. From this you will get to know whether the train is on the arrival time or else it has been a delay as from estimated arrival/ departure time.


If you want to know the current and exact location of running train. For that, you need to enter the five digit train number on the search bar and click on the bottom like having written: " search/find train". After that the new window will open showing the entire train running status i.e the train estimated arrival time, departure time from particular station/stop, train delay arrival/departure time and it will also show the train is currently on which station or the train is between which two station currently.

What are the important things to noted while checking live train status??

The two things are important to be noted while checking live status. The "Last reported location" and "Estimated time arrival" at upcoming stop/station.

The last reported location signifies that the train has crossed the last station/stop and the estimated time arrival signifies the expected time of arrival to upcoming/next station.


The train running live status is much helpful for travellers/passengers because from the live status they will get to know the arrival/departure time of their journey train on the desired/required station. Frequently checking the running status will become more accurate because the live location is continuously updated.