Check Trains Between Stations Online

Trains Between Two Stations


There's huge demand to travel in today's era. Across all over India train are travelling and most of the passengers choose to travel in a train for a long journey because Indian railway provide very cheap fair compared to all other public transport so that anyone can travel anywhere in India at any time.

The Indian railway is the fourth largest network in the world with 1,15,000 km of tracks over a distance of 65000 km and revenue around RS 1.7 trillion. Roundabout 20 million passengers are travelling on daily basis. In 2015-16 around 22 million passengers are travelling daily in about total 13,313 trains.

As you know there are numerous train traveling at a same time but having different destination/journey and at every few hours  you will find a train at the same station for the same destination but it may have different stop i.e where the train stop in station for few minutes for passengers to reach their desired destination. So Indian railway has provided an online system from where you will get to know the train between two stations.


There was a time when passengers have to go to railway station to inquire about the train timings of next train that will be going take them on their destination station or either they make a call to railway enquiry office for same. Due to this passengers faces many difficulties that lead to waste/loss of work time.

So to overcome these Indian railway has started online system to know about the train between two stations, it will show passengers/traveller all the train with their arrival and departure time at all stations. These systems are simple and much user-friendly.


If you don't know how to find the trains between station. Below are three simple step to make your journey simple.

  • 1) Go to India railway website. The window will show two search boxes, there you just have to write the name of the station.

  • 2) The journey station in one box and in other destination station, it will also show you a drop down box showing station name and code. e.g on typing New Delhi it will show NEW DELHI (NDLS)

  • 3) After selecting the station name and code now you just have to select the journey date then hit Enter or Click Search train option below.

Their is also altered name option just type your travel station on Google and press enter it will also show the same result.

After completing the three above step, following result will appear:

Number of the train running between two selected station

Indian railway train code/ train number

Train name

The train station of origin.

Schedule arrival and departure time.

The weekly schedule of train i.e number of days the train travel in a week.

The train travel class i.e AC, Chair, Sleeper, etc..


Now passengers don't have to worry about the going to the station and ask for next train. They can simply know just by checking online on Indian railway website.